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Restore the Beauty and Comfort of Your Upholstered Furniture with Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Ever wondered how you could restore the beauty and comfort of your upholstered furniture? EcoPower Steam has the solution! Our professional upholstery cleaning services breathe life back into your favourite chairs, sofas, and other upholstered items. We’re not just talking about a quick clean, we’re referring to a fully professional, deep cleaning service.

Often, we lose sight of just how cherished our upholstered furniture once was. Over time, grime and dirt accumulate, dulling once vibrant colors and reducing comfort. As a result, we have a team of professional upholstery cleaners who know just how to treat different materials for the best results. Book upholstery cleaning appointments with us and marvel at the transformation.

In addition, leaning upholstery may seem like a daunting task, but that’s what we’re here for. The sophisticated tools we employ not only get your furniture clean, but each item is meticulously cleaned to reach even the deepest fibres. The remarkable feeling of sinking into a freshly cleaned chair is one you shouldn’t miss.

EcoPower's Specialty in Upholstery Steam and Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

If you’re seeking professional upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning services, look no further than EcoPower’s specialty in upholstery steam cleaning. Our trained cleaners are experts at revitalizing your upholstered furniture, bringing back its original lustre and ensuring it’s impeccably clean.

Over the years, dust, stains, and allergens can accumulate on your upholstery, dulling its colours and compromising its overall cleanliness. That’s where upholstery steam cleaning comes in. The steam not only removes the stubborn dirt but also kills bacteria, leaving your furniture immaculately cleaned and sanitised.

Further, it comes to furniture cleaning, we don’t just stop at upholstery. Be it sofas, armchairs, ottomans or any other furniture piece, we’ve got you covered. Our cleaners utilize effective steam cleaning methods to ensure your furniture is well-cleaned, maintaining the integrity of different materials and colours.

As a result, what separates EcoPower is our commitment to green cleaning solutions. We believe in preserving the environment as well as your furniture, hence our dedication to using safe, non-toxic cleaning products. In essence, EcoPower’s specialty isn’t just about getting things cleaned – it’s about providing sustainable, comprehensive, and superior cleaning services that cater to your every need.

Some of our Upholstery Cleaning methods include

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Consider EcoPower for Your Professional Upholstery Cleaners

When your furniture requires cleaning, you might think about doing it yourself with some vague upholstery tools. But, don’t you prefer it to be cleaned by professional upholstery cleaners? Indeed, this is where EcoPower comes in. We’re esteemed as professional and reliable upholstery cleaners, leaving your furniture looking sparkling clean. Furthermore, we’re not simply cleaners; we’re professionals that understand the intricacies of upholstery cleaning.

Therefore, We’ve fine-tune our services over the years, investing in first-rate upholstery tools designed specifically for cleaning upholstery. Our cleaner will be dispatched using those wonderful tools to ensure your furniture is completely cleaned. Each cleaner in our team understands how important your upholstery is and that’s why we handle every project with the highest professional standard.

To sum up, our cleaning services extend beyond just upholstery. Whether it’s your grandma’s antique chair or your cozy, go-to sofa, EcoPower provides a comprehensive range of services. Why choose plain cleaner services when you can choose professional upholstery cleaning services? With EcoPower, it’s much more than simple cleaning. Our services focus on preserving the life of your favorite furniture pieces while ensuring they look and feel new.

upholstery cleaning you may know

We Achieve Pristine Furniture Cleaning through Our Specialized Care for Different Upholstery Fabrics

If you’ve ever tried to get your upholstery cleaned at home, you’d know there’s more to furniture cleaning than meets the eye. Firstly, you may know that the heart of effective upholstery cleaning lies in understanding the different upholstery fabrics and how to care for them. This is where EcoPower Steam’s professional services come in – we’re not just cleaning, we’re nurturing your furniture.

Secondly, we take pride in our meticulously tailored approach to furniture cleaning. Whether you’re dealing with delicate fabric or stubborn stains, our fine-tuned methods ensure your upholstery gets the care it needs. Having successfully cleaned countless furniture pieces, we’re pretty good at gauging what each fabric needs.

Summing up, Our reputation for delivering impeccable professional cleaning services isn’t a boast; rather, it’s a commitment. We see the trust you place in us when you choose our services, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. When you have your upholstery cleaned by EcoPower, you’re not only getting a clean set of furniture but also the confidence that it’s been handled with expert care.

Why Choose Our EcoPower Upholstery Cleaners?

Why should you make the choice to engage our EcoPower upholstery cleaners? The reasons are plentiful! Not only are our upholstery cleaners professionals who take pride in their cleaning services, but they also utilize our EcoPower products to deliver a clean that is second to none. Our team of professional cleaners provide upholstery cleaning services for a range of upholstery fabrics.

Moreover, here’s no doubt, cleaning upholstery can be a tough task. From spots that are hard to reach to stubborn stains, it’s a job that requires a professional touch. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our EcoPower cleaners. They’ve been trained to tackle all types of upholstery cleaning challenges, ensuring an outcome that’s clean, clean, clean! Furthermore, our services extend beyond basic cleaning. We also specialise in steam cleaning, ensuring deep penetration and a thorough clean for your upholstered furniture.

In short, consider EcoPower for your professional upholstery cleaners means the appearance and lifespan of your furnishings. After all, we don’t just get things cleaned, we get them EcoPower cleaned – a clean that’s not only deep but also mindful of the environment.

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Our Top-rated Local Experts Offer Safe, Clean, and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices

Who better to ensure safe cleaning practices for your upholstered furniture than local experts? Here at EcoPower Steam, we’re proud to boast a team of specialized, professional individuals who know their way around all types of furniture. Cleaning, restoring, beautifying, and yes, specializing in environmentally friendly cleaning methods is our forte.

Further, we’re not just talking about your run-of-the-mill cleaning services. Every piece of upholstered furniture you own has been designed with care, love, and precision. So why would its cleaning treatment be any different? Indeed, the clean factor should be as paramount and pronounced as its design. We’re talking about deep, thorough, mesmerizingly clean outcomes – achieved using only the most effective, yet safest cleaning methods, known in the industry.

And so, we invite you to test our claim. Allow us to serve you with our professional, consistent, seamless, and impeccable cleaning services. Remember, your furniture deserves nothing less than environmentally friendly cleaning services, and that’s precisely what our brand, EcoPower Steam, delivers – every time.

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Driven by Cleaner and Drier Goals

Transform Your Upholstery with Eco Power Upholstery Cleaning

Ever wondered how to get your upholstery cleaned more effectively? Look no further than EcoPower’s specialty in upholstery cleaning. With cleaner, drier goals in mind, we’re here to transform your upholstery like never before! That’s right, cleaning upholstery isn’t just a chore, it’s our passion.

In other words, EcoPower’s professional upholstery cleaners are driven by the desire to restore the beauty and comfort of your upholstered furniture. We leverage deep carpet cleaning know-how to further enhance our cleaning practices. By using safer, environmentally friendly cleaning practices, we ensure your upholstery and carpet are not just cleaner, but drier as well. Your delight is our goal!

Dry carpet and upholstery are fundamental to a healthy, comfortable home environment. With this in mind, EcoPower delivers on cleaner, drier, carpet and upholstery cleaning. Whether it’s your regular clean, or a deep, professional cleaned service, we’ve got you covered. So why choose EcoPower for upholstered furniture and carpet cleaning? Our answer is simple. We offer local, top-rated, expert service and the most comprehensive cleaning in the market.

Contact us Today, Your Furniture will be Cleaned and Dry with our Special Cleaning Services

Longing for fresh, clean furniture? Well, now’s the time to contact us at EcoPower Steam! Our expert cleaners are eager to restore your furniture to its original state, ensuring it’s impeccably cleaned and dry. Specialized in upholstery cleaning, carpets included, we provide top-of-the-notched cleaning services which stand second to none.

Here at EcoPower, our cleaner’s priority is to leave your furniture not just cleaned, but deep cleaned. Harnessing the power of steam, we meticulously rid your upholstery of stubborn stains and odors, offering a level of cleanliness like no other.

And we don’t stop at upholstery cleaning. Oh no, multiple times we’ve been praised for our exemplary carpet cleaning too. Our adept team is proficient in removing grime, dirt and allergens from your carpet, leaving it smelling fresh and looking brighter. So why wait? If you need your furniture or carpet cleaned and dry. Do not hesitate, contact us today. Rest assured, with our premier cleaning services, you won’t be disappointed.



Big Money Films
Big Money Films
EcoPower steam did an amazing job!! the tech was professional and very knowledgeable. Team called me when they where on there way to my home and arrived right on time! they came in and cleaned my carpet making them look brand new all over again! I highly recommend this company. I will be using this service again in the future
Desiree Osejo
Desiree Osejo
Ecopower steam!!! is very professional and I highly recommend. From the very beginning team was very helpful with recommendations to my carpets! Team got right to work and took all the stains right off. I will be letting friends and family no who to call when needing a great carpet cleaning!! Thank you Ecopower steam
Kevin Hadden
Kevin Hadden
EcoPower Steam carpet cleaning’s team of professionals are dedicated to providing quality service for their clients. Their experts are able to provide the best interior and exterior cleaning possible while still maintaining peace and calm throughout your home or workspace. I was extremely impressed by how they were able to make my carpet look as though it was brand new again – even though I didn’t think that was possible before going through these services! If you want a high-quality service that is affordable as well, EcoPower Steam carpet cleaning is definitely the way to go.
Jack Gratton
Jack Gratton
I recently moved into a new apartment and discovered that the previous tenant had left behind dirty and heavily soiled carpets. I was worried about the hygiene and freshness of my new home. Luckily, I found PSR carpet cleaning, a top-notch company specializing in carpet cleaning. EcoPower Steam carpet cleaning exceeded my expectations with their thorough and meticulous approach. Their skilled technicians utilized state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove deep-seated dirt and stains. The results were incredible! My carpets regained their vibrancy and cleanliness, providing a healthy and welcoming environment for me and my family. I’m immensely grateful to PSR carpet cleaning for their exceptional service!

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At EcoSteamPower, we are known for our exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and dependable workmanship. We are always ready to assist you in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your home or business.

Frequently Ask Questions You Should Know

How much does professional upholstery cleaning cost on average?

While the cost of professional upholstery cleaning can vary depending on the size, condition, and type of your furniture, on average, you could expect to pay between $50 and $200 per piece. However, at EcoPower Steam, we believe in transparent pricing, and we provide a clear estimate before we start our work, ensuring no surprises later on for you.

Is it safe to have upholstery cleaning done on delicate or antique furniture?

Absolutely! Professional upholstery cleaners like EcoPower Steam have the knowledge and the right tools to safely and thoroughly clean delicate or antique furniture. We tailor our cleaning process to the specific needs of your furniture, ensuring the longevity and the integrity of the piece while restoring its beauty.

What types of upholstery fabrics can be cleaned by professional services?

A professional upholstery cleaning service like EcoPower Steam can effectively clean a vast array of upholstery fabrics. This includes everything from cotton and linen to silk, wool, synthetic fibers, and even leather. We tailor our cleaning process to suit the specific type and condition of the fabric, therefore, you can rest assured knowing your upholstery is in safe hands.

How long does it take for upholstery to dry after professional cleaning?

Traditional drying time for upholstery post-professional-cleaning is typically between 3 to 6 hours. However, at EcoPower Steam, our advanced steam cleaning technique ensures a quicker drying time, typically ranging from 2 to 4 hours. We aim to return your furniture to its regular use as soon as possible, without any inconvenience.

Can upholstery cleaning remove stubborn stains and odors effectively?

es, professional upholstery cleaning from EcoPower Steam is incredibly effective in removing stubborn stains and lingering odors. Thanks to our specialized cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, we can penetrate deep into the fibers of your upholstery, lifting and removing even the toughest stains and odors without damaging the fabric.


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